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  • ANCHOR POSTERS: There are two mini-poster displays in each of the SEL units. One is blank for you to customize. The other showcases the learning goals the students will be working towards through their work in the unit.
  • VOCABULARY CARDS: There are ten vocabulary cards with words related to the SEL topic. It is important for students to be able to see, hear, and use relevant vocabulary while learning.
  • INTRO LESSON: This is an introductory SEL lesson that uses a picture book that includes events in the story to demonstrate the social emotional learning topic you will be focusing on.
  • CHOICE BOARD: This is a choice board with eight different activities students can pick from to further explore the SEL topic and extend learning. While each activity is aligned with the focus topic, the options allow for students to use different learning modalities.
  • SCENARIO CARDS: Scenario cards give students different situations that involve the use of the SEL topic. You can use these as journal prompts or have your students act out the situations.
  • DISCUSSION CARDS: There are five discussion prompts that are directly related to the SEL topic. These prompts were designed to have students further exploring the SEL topic.
  • JOURNAL PAGES: There are journal pages that have students using writing in three different ways. They are going to describe a word or phrase, create a list, and answer a prompt. There are three different options for students.
  • PICTURE BOOK LISTS: We are constantly searching for and updating our collection of picture book titles to use for teaching social emotional learning. You will have ongoing access to our growing lists.
  • VIDEO LISTS: We have compiled free online videos that promote social emotional learning. You will have ongoing access to our growing lists.
  • LITERATURE-BASED LESSONS: Each SEL unit includes three picture book companions that use characters and events in a story to deepen students’ understanding of the social emotional learning topic you are focusing on. Each of the three book companions include a teacher lesson plan, text-based discussion questions, role play scenarios that are specific to the story, a writing activity, and a list and drawing activity page. The selected books can be found at most libraries or purchased from a book retailer if you plan to read them aloud to your students.  Alternatively, ALL of the books we’ve selected are also available as online read alouds that you can stream for free.
  • FAMILY LETTER: There is a family letter that goes home with each student during each SEL unit. It explains the social emotional learning topic and why it is important. The letter provides parents with several discussion prompts they can use to initiate a conversation with their child. It also shares some ways families can support students at home and extend their learning and social development in this area outside of the classroom.
  • WORD SEARCH: There is a word search with ten words related to the SEL topic.
  • ACROSTIC POEM: There is an acrostic poem using the SEL topic. It could also be printed or transcribed on a large piece of paper and turned into an anchor chart that is completed with the class and displayed in the classroom.
  • "IN ACTION" ACTIVITY: There is an activity page that involves students drawing a picture of a situation that features the SEL topic in action and then writing sentences about the topic.
  • REAL-WORLD SITUATION ACTIVITIES: Students will connect the SEL topic to events in the real world using a choice of two formats. The first is a flip book of ways to use the SEL topic in the classroom, at school, at home, and in their community. The second option has the same categories as the flip book but laid out in a one page document.
  • COLORING PAGE: There is a one-paper activity that can be used as a simple coloring sheet, a mindfulness activity, as a journal cover, or an additional activity page.
  • LOOKS LIKE & SOUNDS LIKE T-CHART: This is a "sounds like" and "looks like" brainstorm activity.
  • SELFIE-PORTRAIT: There is a "selfie” portrait paper that will have students demonstrating how they would use the SEL skill in four different ways.
  • WHAT ARE THEY?: There is a blank writing paper featuring clipart aligned to the SEL topic. There are 2 versions included. The first is primary-ruled with a headline, midline, and baseline for students who need fine motor support. The second uses typical lines appropriate for elementary students. Both versions have space to illustrate.
  • LETTER CARDS: There are bulletin board and anchor chart letters. The smaller letters can be used for anchor charts and the larger letters can be used for bulletin boards.
  • THE SEL GAME: There is a card game that explores the SEL concept in a fun and engaging way.



  1. Each unit is jam-packed with an abundance of resources to choose from so you can select which activities are best for your students.
  2. All of the activities are either low-prep (some quick cutting) or no prep (just print and go) which saves you tons of time while still offering engaging learning opportunities to your students.
  3. We've intentionally designed the resources to be open-ended and included differentiated versions to make it easy for you to meet the needs of all your students. This also means that if you change grade levels in the future, you will still be able to use them with minimal modification.
  4. All of the units follow the same format and include the same types of activities customized to each topic. This creates a cohesive, year-long routine where students know the expectations and are able to focus on the topic.
  5. The units integrate reading, writing, and speaking standards with important skills to support students social emotional development and mental health. These lessons will benefit them far beyond the school year.