Sometimes you stumble upon the best books unexpectedly. Today we are spot lighting a book I happened to see at Target and it became an instant favorite. The story Who Wet My Pants? Had me and my daughters laughing out loud and I knew it was the perfect read aloud for elementary teachers. - Jodi and the Starts With a Story Team



Who Wet My Pants? is about a bear named Reuben. Reuben arrives at his campsite with donuts for all of his friends, when he realizes his pants are wet. Reuben immediately starts asking his friends who wet his pants. The other animals deny wetting Reuben’s pants, and try to make him feel okay about wetting his pants. They say that it can happen to anyone and that they used to wet their pants too. Even so, Reuben still won’t admit he wet his pants. He says that all he did that day was help out at a lemonade stand, walk by a waterfall, and take a nap with his hand in a fish tank. At the end of the story, Reuben declares that his pants must be wet because his pants are broken and have sprung a leak. 

Students will laugh out loud when they hear this story about a bear who can’t admit he wet his pants.


Who Wet My Pants? might seem like a book you read just for pleasure. However, it actually lends itself to teaching so many different skills. Between the illustrations and  funny plot there so much you can teach!

  1. Help students to analyze what the author’s purpose for writing the book might be. 
  2. Discuss the plot of the book by taking a closer look at the problem and solution in the story.
  3. Students will be excited to write a book review for this story which provides opportunity to discuss how to write a review.
  4. Engage students in descriptive writing activities. 
  5. Teach students about ellipses and why writer’s use them. 
  6. Practice identifying the different types of sentences in the book. 
  7. Lead a class discussion on taking ownership and showing compassion.


If you are looking for “ready to go” activities for the first day of school, be sure to check out the book companion. With it you’ll receive all of the following resources to align with this specific book:

  • comprehension questions
  • 30 writing prompts with themed paper
  • vocabulary activities
  • word study print & go activities
  • ideas for grammar lessons with focus sentence printables
  • social emotional learning discussion topics
  • graphic organizers to target specific comprehension skills and strategies

As soon as I read this book I knew we had to make a book companion to go with it! If you haven’t used any of our companions yet, this is a great resource to try in your classroom! Our goal with this product is to make teaching read alouds easier for teachers and make instruction accessible to all students. Each companion comes with specific comprehension questions and writing prompts, lesson ideas, and a variety of printable worksheets. We hope you love this resource as much as we do!



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